Models of cooperation.

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Dedicated team


Size skills

Discuss CV and/or
conduct interviews

Assigning dedicated
team members

Manage project scope
and assign new tasks

Team works according
to your scope

the product


Working on full-time or part-time basis, developers of AGOV team can participate in your long-term complex projects. Hiring dedicated development team is mutually beneficial and effective. You get the optimized speed and quality of performance, without increasing administrative and context-switching overhead. Concentration on the project up to integration into the company's workflow is advantageously combined with attractive terms of cooperation.

Main advantages of the model are:

  • quick and easy completing your in-house team by professionals specifically for the needs of the project;
  • the ability to replace team members when necessary;
  • confidence in the quality performance through control of the team;
  • payment agreed on mutually beneficial terms.
The model works well when client:
  • trusts us as specialists;
  • is ready to rely on our vision of the best product’s implementation;
  • can invest the fixed sum and let all the aspects of the project be our responsibility;
  • wants to get a really extraordinary solution, that matches all the needs and performs the functions best.

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