Models of cooperation.

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Time and materials

Audit your

Determine scope and
approve deliverables

a team

Agree on the rates
and sign agreement

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the product


This flexible model is for projects that don’t have clear time limits, are unable to define the scope initially or are associated with requirements that can change during implementation of the project.

If your idea needs to be implemented step by step and you need a piece of the professional advice at every step, this model of cooperation is going to suit you best. Moreover, the new prospective ideas can be created during the working process and AGOV Communications can include any of them to the project, if the idea is worth implementing.

With such wide opportunities for current changes it is important to have clearly agreed payment patterns. That is why the amount of monthly payment is agreed mutually and based on the quantity of working hours.

Main advantages of the model are:

  • matching all the project’s needs by the ability to change team composition, involving all the necessary specialists during the working process;
  • optimizing time and cost of the project by the possibility to modulate the assigned team’s size and workload;
  • the possibility to prolong the project or pause it when necessary;
  • enabling the product to comply dynamically changing requirements.
The model works well when client:
  • trusts us as specialists;
  • is ready to rely on our vision of the best product’s implementation;
  • can invest the fixed sum and let all the aspects of the project be our responsibility;
  • wants to get a really extraordinary solution, that matches all the needs and performs the functions best.

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