Models of cooperation.

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Experience the convenience of accurate estimates and forward-looking planning. Fixed price model works well with for the projects of medium or small size and medium technological complexity with defined requirements and a moderate level of development risks. We make a deep initial research to define the scope of the project, time frame and cost exactlly.

Taking into the consideration our experience and our professional vision we offer a solution that can bring growth to your sales and success to your business. We in AGOV clearly formulate the offer, define the cost and since the signing of the contract take all the responsibility for the result.
The out-of-scope additional development can be performed on the client’s request on the basis of a new agreement.

The main advantages of the model are:

  • you get a high quality product at a clearly defined time;
  • you can plan the project’s budget beforehand;
  • you get all the benefits of our integrate approach to work;
  • you formulate needs and requirements - professionals do the rest.
The model works well when client:
  • trusts us as specialists;
  • is ready to rely on our vision of the best product’s implementation;
  • can invest the fixed sum and let all the aspects of the project be our responsibility;
  • wants to get a really extraordinary solution, that matches all the needs and performs the functions best.

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