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Visual design is one of the most powerful tools for branding and marketing. The proper design allows the business to stand out among competitors, strengthening its position on the market. This means not only occupying a favorable position at this particular moment, but also holding it at all challenges of the modern market space. People do not choose goods, they choose brands. Therefore, the design is worth being considered as carefully as the quality of the goods that will be represented by the brand.

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What services do we offer within Graphic Design?

Logo & identity

Creating brand’s appearance is a very important step that affects many aspects of your business : positioning, price segment, strategy and place among competitors. This is the way design influences both the market share and other financial indicators of the business in a long-term prospective. Visual elements are the things the client will meet the brand through and establishing associative relationship with the brand depends on the clarity of the idea transmitted by the identity. Creating the correct logo and Identity will help avoid misconceptions about your brand.

Brandbook & Guidelines:

Substantiating the design concept and establishing rules for functional brand support. This is a presentation document of the entire visual brand concept, explaining the links between visual elements and conceptual business backgrounds. The rules for the manufacture and use of brand identity are very important, and their approval in the form of brandbook and guideline should help the customer to currently support the association's strategy.

Advertising & Marketing materials:

The main task is displaying the concept of your business in the materials you will use for active communication with clients and setting up marketing communication channels. Advertising materials are really boosting your product’s conquering the market if they are created wisely. The resources you plan to invest in your advertising channels will be used more effectively if the marketing materials that you promote on these channels will be of adequate quality and appearance. Therefore, optimization of the budget should not include the cost of marketing materials: such savings can cause losses at the strategic level.

Why is it important to entrust the creation of graphic design to professionals?

The proper design is not just about attractiveness. The created associations with the brand should be really working, and we know how to achieve this result. As the process requires deep understanding of your business and your goals on the market, we take the important analytical step. Going to design, we are armed with total understading of your business. Only in this way we can make the design a working marketing tool not just a nice wrapper.

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